The story of Amstrad’s amazing CPC 464

Hier gibt es einen spannenden Artikel über die Entwicklung des Amstrad CPC:

It was a home computer that embodied so many contradictions. It was launched months after the British microcomputer boom of the early 1980s had peaked. It was a rush job: the machine that was revealed to the press in the Spring of 1984 hadn’t even existed nine months previously. It was one of the best-produced British micros of its era, yet it came from a company then known only for dirt-cheap hi-fi products. It shipped when its manufacturer said it would.

Leider erfahre ich da nicht, wieso sich die Entwickler für dieses seltsame 3″-Diskettenformat entschieden haben. Etwas anderes habe ich dagegen gelernt: Dass sich der Amstrad PCW (“Joyce”) so dermaßen gut verkauft hat, war mir tatsächlich neu.


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